General terms and conditions of sale

Welcome to the general conditions of sale of Collector Car Value. This document (the "GCS") is a contract framing the conditions of sale of the services offered through the site accessible at the URL   (the “Website”). It is concluded between the company Quentin Bolgiani, Les Terres-Fortes 03160 Bourbon l'Archamabult (tel: +33 6 63 61 72 43), ("Collector Car Value") which operates the Website ("Collector Car Value" or "we" or "us" and its derivatives) and you, person having accepted these GCS ("you" and its derivatives).

These GCS apply in addition to the GCS, which govern the general navigation on the Website. Your use of the Website is therefore subject to the TOS and these Terms and Conditions as a whole.

Acceptance of the TOS

The GCS govern your subscription to the Website and the use of the services which are proposed by this means by Collector Car Value (the "Services").

The benefit of the Services is reserved to the persons having the full legal capacity to commit themselves. Minors who are not emancipated or, for any other reason, lack the capacity to contract under French law must be able to prove a written and valid authorization from their legal representative to validate their registration.

To access the Services, you must take out a subscription (a "Subscription"), create an account (an "Account"), and read and accept these Terms and Conditions.


Collector Car Value offers you the following Services :

  • The search engine : Collector Car Value has developed a powerful search engine thanks to artificial intelligence techniques which allow to propose precise quotations of collection vehicles, sorted by model, brand but also relevance.
  • Follow-up of the value of each model of collection with refined quotation and evolution of the value illustrated graphically according to the state.

The Services are in perpetual evolution and constantly improved and corrected by Collector Car Value, which regularly develops new functionalities. You will be notified thirty (30) days in advance in the event that a feature or Service is removed. Our Services are standardized and are not subject to specific developments. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they will meet your exact needs and expectations. We are at your disposal to provide you with any additional information you may require.

Registration and account

The creation of an Account requires the communication of certain information, which is collected and stored.

As the information provided is used for billing purposes, you agree to provide us with accurate and truthful information, and to keep it up to date through the administration page of your Account. You can access the administration area of your account at any time by going to We reserve the right to suspend your Account and access to the Services without compensation or refund if it appears that you are in breach of this rule. Registration under a false name, impersonation and registration with false contact details, generic contact details ( [email protected] ) or with a false professional status are strictly prohibited.

Your Account is purely personal, in particular to ensure the relevance and personalization of our Services. Consequently, you agree to create only one Account, to use the Services personally and to never allow a third party to use them in your place or on your behalf, unless you bear full responsibility for it. We reserve the right to suspend your Account and access to the Services without compensation or refund if you are found to be in breach of this rule.

Similarly, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials, including your password. You must contact us immediately if you notice that your Account has been used without your knowledge, in which case we are free to take all appropriate measures to restore the integrity of your Account. Any use of your Account following identification using your password will be deemed to have been made by you and will be your responsibility, unless you have previously notified us of a potential connection anomaly.


The creation of an Account and access to the Services are granted in exchange for the subscription of a Subscription.

Types and duration of Subscriptions

We offer three different Subscriptions, depending on the length of the commitment and the number of people in your organization.

If you work alone or in a structure of less than ten people, you can subscribe to :

  • a monthly subscription tacitly renewable for periods of one month at the price of 69€ HT per month (a "Monthly Subscription"), or an annual subscription tacitly renewable for periods of one year
  • an annual subscription tacitly renewable for periods of one year, at a price of €59 excl. tax per month, i.e. €708 excl. tax per year (an "Annual Subscription").

If you are an organisation of more than ten people, you must take out an annual subscription, the price of which is to be discussed with the sales department by telephone (+33 6 63 61 72 43) or by email (contact[at] (a "Major Account Subscription"). At the end of the commercial negotiation, we issue an order form to be filled in and returned signed by the organisation. The order form specifies, in particular, the agreed price and the list of beneficiaries of the Services.

We reserve the right to refuse you the subscription of Monthly or Annual Subscriptions if you are part of an organisation that is likely to subscribe to a Key Account Subscription. For all these Subscriptions, your Account is activated as soon as we receive payment of the total amount of your Subscription. Beneficiaries of a Key Account Subscription must create an Account, which we then activate.

Prohibited Behaviors

The following conduct is strictly prohibited and may give rise to any action to repair any damage caused, including the termination of any agreement that would bind us to you:

  • any behaviour of such a nature as to interrupt, suspend, slow down or prevent access to the Website,
  • any intrusions or attempted intrusions into our systems,
  • any misappropriation of the Website's system resources,
  • any action that imposes a disproportionate burden on our infrastructure,
  • any breaches of security and authentication measures,
  • all acts of a nature to infringe our financial, commercial or moral rights and interests and those of the users of the Website,
  • any action aimed at monetizing, selling, lending or conceding all or part of the access to the Services or the Website, as well as the information hosted and/or shared therein.

We reserve the right to take any appropriate action in the event of a breach of any of the provisions of the TOS, the TOS if they are applicable to you, or more generally, in the event of a breach of the laws and regulations in force.

Rates & Terms of Payment


The price of the Services is recalled on the site at We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to propose promotional offers or price reductions, but also to revise the price. We will inform you of any changes by email at least thirty (30) days before the new prices take effect. These new rates apply only to the renewal of your Subscription: the following month for Monthly Subscriptions, the following year for Annual Subscriptions or Key Account Subscriptions. You remain free to terminate your Subscription if you do not accept the change in rates. Otherwise, you are deemed to have accepted the new rates. VAT of 20% is applicable to the prices indicated.

Terms of payment

The total price of each Subscription is paid at the beginning of the Subscription or renewal period. Payment is made by direct debit from the bank card number provided or by SEPA direct debit, depending on the payment method chosen.

The direct debit is carried out by one of our secure payment service providers, who alone keeps your payment details: we do not keep any bank details. You guarantee us that you have the funds and authorisations required to use the chosen payment method. You undertake to take the necessary steps to ensure that the price of the Services can be debited automatically and to inform the Collector Car Value sales department of any change in the information provided when you applied for a subscription, in particular your billing details, bank references or credit card number.

Payment delays and incidents

We inform you that any delay or incident in the payment of all or part of a sum due automatically entails, without prior formal notice and without prejudice to any other action we may take:

  • the immediate suspension of access to the Services until full payment of all sums due,
  • the invoicing of late payment interest at a rate of three times the legal interest rate in force on the date of the order, based on the amount of the total sums due. Any professional in a situation of late payment is automatically a debtor, in addition to an indemnity of 40 € for collection costs.

Termination of the Subscription

Monthly and Annual Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by contacting customer service by email (contact[at] or telephone (+33 6 63 61 72 43).

The Key Account Subscription may be terminated by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt received no later than one month before the end of the current period (month or year, as the case may be). Cancellation does not entail any penalty and does not give rise to a refund for the current period.

If you are a consumer, we remind you that, in accordance with Articles L. 221-21 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal may no longer be exercised for the supply of digital content not supplied on a physical medium whose performance has begun after prior express agreement, materialised at the time of your payment for the Services.

Your obligations

Access to the Services is subject to acceptance of the commitments listed below, which are in addition to the obligations arising from the other clauses of the TOS and the TOU.

Compliance with applicable laws

You undertake to respect the laws and regulations in force and not to infringe the rights of third parties or public order. In particular, you are solely responsible for the proper completion of all formalities and all payments of contributions, taxes or levies of any kind incumbent upon you, where applicable, in connection with your use of the Services. Our liability may not be sought in any way in this respect.

Limitation of Services

You also agree to be aware of the limitations of the Services: you are solely responsible for your use of the Services and for choosing to subscribe to a Subscription, which is freely terminable without refund. Our liability cannot be sought if you realize that the Services do not meet your needs. We inform you that the use of the Services requires an Internet connection, and that the quality of the Services therefore depends directly on the quality of your connection, for which you are solely responsible.


We reserve the right to change, update or amend the TOU at any time. Any modification will be the subject of information on the site through an information banner placed for a period of thirty (30) days before the new GCS come into force, and an email to Account holders. Any navigation at the end of this period will be subject to the new GCS. You must unsubscribe from the Website if you do not accept the new Terms and Conditions.

Dispute resolution

We are always willing to consider an amicable solution before any legal action is taken. In the event of legal action, the dispute will be subject to French law and to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de grande instance de Paris, or, failing that, the French court with territorial jurisdiction.

If you are a private individual, you have the right to have recourse, free of charge, to a consumer mediator, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 612-1 of the French Consumer Code.

Dispute resolution

The present general terms and conditions came into force on 03 June 2019.