Collector Car Value pricing


9€ /month

Price per user, invoiced monthly.

89€ /year

Price per user, invoiced yearly.

  • Unlimited access to all models and their value
  • Unlimited access to each detailed model file
  • Graphical display of values over 30 years
  • Financial performance of each model
  • Auction results and statistics
  • Statistics of model ads in Europe
  • Suppression of advertisements for a peaceful reading

Frequently asked questions

Why is the subscription necessarily individual?

Collector Car value uses technologies that require the individualization of accounts, particularly with regard to the future recommendation of results.

Do I need to take out an individual subscription or request a quote?

The individual subscription is intended for a single person. If you are a company with several accounts requested, we will provide you with a personalized quote adapted to your needs. In any case, please contact us for more information.

What does the subscription give access to?

The Collector Car Value subscription gives access to the entire database, including the ten thousand models, their rating according to condition, the evolution of the condition over the last thirty years as well as statistics and the latest results relating to auctions.

Can I connect from most of the available devices?

Yes, Collector Car Value is optimized for all types of devices. The site and the tool are available from all Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.), whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone (iPhone or Android).

Is the offer non-binding?

Yes, your commitment period is the one agreed upon by prior contact and/or quotation.

Can I be charged additional costs?

Absolutely not. The Collector Car Value subscription gives you access to all the tools at your disposal. You will not be charged for anything else under any circumstances. The prices shown are exclusive of tax, so it will be necessary to apply the VAT in force if you are not a company.

How are the odds calculated?

Quotes are calculated using a database of auction results over the past thirty years, private transactions and sales proposals in Europe. For more information, visit our How does it work? page.

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