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The world of classic cars is a world of insiders where the precise quotation of a model is difficult. By using complex algorithms, Collector Car Value gives you the possibility to know the valuation of these vehicles and to follow the evolution of their rating, whatever your activity.

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  • Search by brand, model, type, year
  • Refining results in one click
  • Configurable price range and year interval
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  • Free navigation among the results
  • Add models to favorites (Premium)
  • Instant access to model, brand, type, years
  • Access to updated database values
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  • Consultation of the detailed sheet of the selected models
  • Access to the graphical display of the values of the last 30 years (Premium)
  • Results of the auction sales of the corresponding model (Premium)
  • Model rating and statistics based on global auction results (Premium)
  • Direct consultation of lots sold by auction (Premium)
  • Weighted statistics of the model on car ads platforms (Premium)

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