How does it work?

What is the Collector Car Value tool?

The collector's car industry has never really succeeded in accurately valuing and determining the value of a vintage vehicle. Collector Car Value has taken up this issue and, using modern and powerful tools, is able to determine a precise rating for collector cars.

We use powerful calculation algorithms and an increasingly accurate database to make the indicators offered on our platform the reference in the market.

The Collector Car Value tool generates a series of continuously updated values for a specific model. The determination of the potential value of the vehicle is based on several criteria, including the selling price of the model in question in auctions on a specific date or on global advertising sites, all refined using algorithms unique in this field and taking into account other criteria.

Our data are presented in graphical form from 1989 to today, with a value determined according to the condition. These data are indicative and are estimates based on specific algorithms.

How are the values calculated?

The indicative values are proposed in monetary form calculated by applying econometric equations to the Collector Car Value database.

We calculate the ratings applied to each vehicle by taking into account all the results of auctions as well as the proposals for the sale of ads from professionals and individuals around the world. Ratings are determined monthly or annually if the number of results is not achieved on a single month basis.

The determination of the value of a vehicle according to its condition is indicative and is the result of an algorithm based on the calculated value of the vehicle in "very good condition". Nevertheless, each model has its own method of calculating value according to its condition. There is no general formula applicable to each vehicle, but a calculation technique that takes into account each characteristic of the car and other factors (restoration costs, maintenance costs, etc.).

Model Performance Index

The Collector Car Value tool offers a calculation of vehicle performance since 1989, and up to now. The increase in the value of the models is proposed 'for 30 years', '15 years', '5 years', '4 years', '3 years', '2 years' and '1 year'. In the event that values are not available for various reasons (not enough sales results in the year for example), the result is noted "N/A" for "Not available" (" no available " in French).

Collector Car Value therefore makes its expertise available to calculate the value of vintage cars according to the methods presented above.

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