Use the search bar and navigate through the results

1. Type your search in the search bar, like Google

You can use Collector Car Value like Google. To search for a model, type its make, model, year, type (convertible, sedan, etc.) to see results by relevance. If you are logged in, browse the website but don't see a search bar, click on the "Search" button on the top navigation bar. For the mobile version, access the search via the tab at your disposal.

Tuto search

2. Refine your search thanks to the left column

You can refine your search on the left by choosing from:

  • The available trademarks related to your search,
  • Available models,
  • Available types,
  • The desired time period,
  • The desired value range
  • Tuto range

    3. See the results

    All the results are available with a layout of the models according to your search:

  • An image of the corresponding model,
  • The brand,
  • The model,
  • The type,
  • A precision on the model if available,
  • The years of production of the model,
  • The current quotation of the model in Euro, Dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc (see next step)
  • Tuto tool

    4. Choose currency

    Collector Car Value gives you the possibility to choose the currency among:

  • Euro,
  • Dollar,
  • Pound Sterling
  • Swiss Franc
  • Tuto devise

    5. Add the models to your favorites

    You can add the model of your choice by clicking on the star. If the icon is "full", then this model is now available in your "My favourites" tab by clicking on your name and choosing the My favourites' page or directly via the "My favourites" icon on the mobile version of the tool. To remove a model from your favorites, click on the star. If it becomes "empty", then the model is removed from your favorites.

    Tuto fav