Understanding the detailed model information

1. General model information

The first module takes up the information available in the search results, i.e:

  • An image of the corresponding model,
  • Brand,
  • Model,
  • Type,
  • A precision on the model if available,
  • Years of production of the model,
  • Current quotation of the model in Euro, Dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc,
  • Ability to add/remove the model from your favorites.
  • General info

    2. Model Dimensional Curve (Model Valuation)

    The detailed page includes an accurate 30-year rating curve for the selected model (1989, 2004, 2014, 2017, 2019, current rating).
    On each chart, Collector Car Value provides you with the odds according to the condition:

  • Exceptional in green,
  • Very good condition in yellow,
  • Good condition in blue,
  • Average condition in red.
  • By hovering over the curve, you see the values according to the condition for each year (if you hover over it at the level of the year 2014 then you see the values per condition for the corresponding year).
    Under the curve appear the legends of the curves (thus the confition), by clicking on one of them then the corresponding curve disappears.
    Three curves are available, the 30-year curve detailed above, the curve for the last six years years as well as the current year. The operation remains the same, only the dates differ:

  • Access to the last six years for the "6-year" curve,
  • Access to each month of the current year for the "1 year" curve.
  • Curve

    3. Current rating per condition

    You can view the current rating per report in the currency of your choice (choice available at the top right of the page):

  • Exceptional exceptionnel,
  • Very good condition,
  • Good condition,
  • Average condition.
  • By clicking on the yellow "information" icon to the right of the title "Current rating per report", you can read the description of each report, written by Collector Car Value.

    Price by condition

    4. Performance

    Performance represents the percentage change in the rating over the years. It remains available for each model and is dependent on the clicked curve:

  • By default, the curve shows the ratings for the last 30 years and therefore the performance since 1989, 2004, 2014 and 2017,
  • If you clicked on the curve "6 years", the performance of the last four years is at your disposal,
  • In the last case ("1 year" curve), the months displayed may vary according to the progress of the year.
  • Performance

    5. Average ad rating

    Collector Car Value lists the odds of the cars offered for sale on European classifieds websites. The statistics relating to this area are displayed in the module "average ad rating":

  • Average rating is calculated and refined by taking into account all ad results,
  • Number of results taken into account,
  • Minimum price found on this model,
  • Maximum price,
  • Median price.
  • Ad values

    Average Auction Score

    A list of auction results is available on the detailed page. This module itself is composed of two parts:

  • A calculated average rating as well as the percentage/number of vehicles sold and unsold since 2016,
  • Auction score
  • The representation of the latest auction results with for each car, a picture of the vehicle sold if available, the year, the make and model, the auction house, the country of sale of the vehicle, the date of the sale, the result of the sale.
  • By hovering your mouse over the result on the PC version you can see if the link to the auction house is available. Indeed, a yellow circle informs you that this is the case.
    In the mobile version, this yellow frame is shown by default.

    Note that you can, via a button, check the option "Currency used during the sale" to see the sale price of the car in the original currency.

    Auction results

    7. Back to search

    The return to the search is done via the button at the top left of your page, on the navigation bar or by clicking on the logo on the same bar.

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